19 March 2010

Results - 成绩公布

The results is here! Thanks all the readers and supporters for the voting!

ASIA ONLINE Music Awards will be back on December 2010. Meanwhile remember to vote for the song at ASIA ONLINE Pop Chart weekly as the results will affect individual award.


ASIA ONLINE 网络金曲奖已经圆满结束! 请记得定期到ASIA ONLINE 榜中榜投票, 因为每一票将会影响每个奖项的入围. 我们今年12月再见!

16 February 2010

Winner for 最不可思议人气王

After a round of voting online, the winner for Most Voted Artiste goes to Jam Hsiao! Congratulation to Jam Hsiao and thanks to all the readers who voted online.

经过一系列的激烈投票, <最不可思议人气王>奖项得主是萧敬腾! 恭喜萧敬腾和感谢歌迷们的热情投票!

张芸京的粉丝们不要气馁, 因为京爷的成绩也很不错. 你们的努力, 相信京爷看到了! 现在请大家继续为其它奖项投票吧!