29 January 2010

Vote for 最佳年度歌曲

Voting for Top 10 Best Songs is out! Supporters can start your voting immediately, but subject to one vote per day. If you want to see your idol's song in our TOP 10 Best Songs award, inform your friends to start voting online today!

The shortlisted 30 songs are based on various music charts and media press. The songs listed in the voting chart are not in ranking.

最佳年度歌曲入围名单已经出炉了! 歌迷朋友们可以马上进行网上投票, 而且一天只能投一票. 所以想要支持你们的偶像歌曲成为十大最佳年度歌曲的话, 一定要记得通知每一位朋友帮忙投票, 让你们偶像的歌曲能够顺利进入十大最佳年度歌曲.

入围的三十首歌曲, 是经过参考各大流行排行榜和媒体的报导才得到统计.

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Closing Date 截止日期: 2月15日2010年, 中午12.00pm