28 January 2010

ASIA ONLINE Facebook 粉丝俱乐部

ASIA ONLINE Music Awards' official fanclub is now available at Facebook. Just click on the right side of our weblog, and you can join our fanclub immediately.

We welcome everybody to leave a message for your idol and artiste, and let them be aware that you are supporting them! Join our Facebook today!

ASIA ONLINE 金曲奖已有了粉丝俱乐部. 你们现在可以从网页右手边的Facebook 徽章进入我们设立的ASIA ONLINE 粉丝俱乐部.

欢迎你们加入, 并留言给你们支持的偶像和歌手, 让他们知道你正在支持他们! 请快点加入我们的Facebook 吧!